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What is it about a photo that makes folks stop and look? The subject? The colors? The lighting perhaps. I've watched tourists at El Capitan in Yosemite stop, hop out of their car, snap a photo, and off they went. And I am certain they get home and spend hours looking at those same photos. Fascinating. The photo NEVER captures the real beauty of the object, yet it often captures more attention.

I can't explain it, nor can I explain why I spend so much time taking photos, and then tweaking and re-tweaking until at some point I think it's good - or at least good enough. I'm retired now, so time is not the same constraint it once was. I now seem to have a growing library of photos that I find "good enough" to share with others. Perhaps you will find something you like enough to order a print and help this retiree enjoy an occasional Starbucks latte. And if you just want to look, that's ok too. Just leave me a comment and share your thoughts.

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